Crowdfunding: Things I Wish I’d Been Told Before Bothering to Try

I’m currently running a crowdfunding project for another site of mine.

It’s actually my second attempt at crowdfunding for the same web site. The first one was to get the site launched with the best start possible, and while it garnered a lot of support it only managed to reach half of the target amount. I was able to launch the site anyway, and it’s done very well in the six months it’s been up.

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The Heavy Subject of Suicide

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to anyone interested enough to be reading this post. I’ve been on my YouTube/web development thing for the last few months, and haven’t had much motivation to post on DREWspective.

Speaking of YouTube: a while ago I made a video on the subject of suicide, in response to what I felt were ignorant comments made by Tommy Sotomayor in one of his videos, regarding a [American] footballer player who committed a suicide murder.
Normally I would leave it at distancing myself from him and not watching his videos, but I had to address the seemingly popular opinions about suicidal people that mirrored his comments.

I’ve since watched a couple of other excellent videos addressing this issue, and felt it necessary to spread the word about them because they deserve a heck of a lot more views.

This one’s from natasha78d, who breaks the subject down nicely:

And proteanview put this short and sweet one out:

It is and always has been the opinion of DREWspective that suicidal thoughts are a symptom of overwhelming pain: that the expression of suicidal thoughts or wanting to die are a cry for help, and should be taken very seriously. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a selfish piece of shit.

If you are feeling suicidal, or know anyone who is, is a site I’d highly recommend.

End of an Era at DeviantArt

I’ve finally gotten around to it, but after six/seven years of membership I’ve finally deleted my DeviantArt account.

Unlike some other sites (such as OkCupid, and many sites that can only be described as worthless), I wasn’t dumped back on the front page with no goodbye message. (That kind of treatment is purely rude.) Instead, I got the above prompt, which was appreciated on my end.

But it doesn’t make up for my reasons for leaving, which were long-felt sentiments about the site and the way it was run.
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