Why I’ve Turned My Back On MGTOW (and really went my own way).

Some of you know I used to make YouTube videos, mainly talking about my experiences with females, things I often thought about and tried to find answers to, and wondering what we (as men) could do to turn things around, in the face of a feminised culture.

It began after I stumbled upon a response to a Steve Wilkos show. At the time the whole MRA/MGTOW (Men’s Rights Activism/Men Going Their Own Way) thing was a breath of fresh air: it was the first time in a very long time that I felt like someone else could relate to things I’d gone through. Even more amazing was that there was some kind of underground movement on YouTube and elsewhere.

I got involved on the MGTOW side, partly as a way to vent my frustrations with females and our feminised culture, but mostly to offer my perspective as a social reject and involuntary celibate (“incel”). Admittedly, part of me wanted to become one of these YouTube celebrities as a result, but everything I did was with the idea that something would eventually happen: that a bunch of us men would get together and make changes, whether it was going after a particular misandric law or construct, or something as basic as starting a men’s social group.
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State Of Affairs, June 2015

It’s been a long time since my last weblog post on DREWspective. Life has gotten much busier, and there’s been plenty to distract me from my life’s purpose (as I’ve defined it), but thankfully I’m still going and still in reasonable health.

I wish I could say that things have improved dramatically, and that all those people who disrespected me when I was younger are now starting to grovel and pretend they had my back all along. It would also be nice if all those females – racist or otherwise – turned around and started to notice me, even though I’d turn them all away in a second. I turn 33 in a week’s time, and none of that has happened yet, but it’s okay.
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30 Minute Mindful House Mix

30 Minute Mindful House Mix by Drew on Mixcloud


This is one of the mixes I’ve posted on my Mixcloud account, as a way of passing the time and expressing my appreciation of house music. (In the year since my last post on DREWspective, I’ve found myself becoming enamoured with house music.)

Please note that I’m not a professional – or even a good – DJ, but hopefully you’ll appreciate this mix.