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Why Do Women Still Choose To Run Away?

I got back from my first day of on-site work this year, and almost immediately started thinking about getting back into doing social activities. It wasn’t enough that I did Paint Jam last week, and came away with two very good paintings – I remember my short run of social activities that I did as part of my 2011 resolution, and I still ask myself why I’d stopped.
These social activities would include finding me some female company, even though I’d stated that I don’t need women and that they’re generally not worth fighting over. I got to thinking about how to go about it, and the usual answers of watching what I eat, possibly returning to the gym and taking better care of my body came up. After all, women do not like works in progress (nobody does), and they tend not to stick around to see a man improve.

The question then hit me: why is it, in the western world at least (where they clearly have the upper hand, from work opportunities to murder), that most women still choose to run away from uncomfortable situations, rather than face them like the “strong, independent women” they claim to be? Specifically, that awkward moment when someone they don’t find attractive lets them know how they feel?

(By running away, I’m including every kind of evasive action – whether it’s physically running away, dodging the issue, making excuses, hiding behind other people, resorting to silent treatment or anything else – everything except telling the guy directly,

I just don’t feel the same way about you,

which I acknowledge would be painful to hear, but it’s the truth.)

I’m going to throw that question out to all the women reading this post, in the vain hope that one of them actually gives a relevant answer. I should point out that I’m asking this question for the same reason I ask any question: for information. I actually want to know the answer, and I’m not ready to pounce on anyone with some premeditated comment or smart-ass remark. My ears are wide open.

I certainly know what kind of answers to expect: the usual, completely unrelated and anonymous comments about me being inadequate, not being able to get laid, or blaming everybody except myself – most likely from manginas. I know, because that’s what usually happens when a guy asks a question like this, whether online or offline… and it’s happened plenty of times to me.

Let’s see what kind of reaction I’ll get.

Drew Asks Lambeth Council: “Real Men”?

In response to posters strategically placed next to the escalators in Brixton and Stockwell tube stations, I decided to confront Lambeth council about their anti-rape campaign targeted specifically at young men. I found their content – both on the posters and their web site – to be highly misandric and accusatory of innocent men.

Here’s what I wrote in the email:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve noticed the “Real Mean Know The Difference” campaign posters up in Brixton tube station, and have visited the web site as a result. The campaign intrigued me because I had also seen these posters at around this time last year in Brixton tube station.

I have a couple of questions concerning the content of both the posters and web site:

  • Your campaign seems to be based around the concept of “real men”, but I am curious to know what exactly your definition is of a “real man”. Although there is a sentence on the site acknowledging that “not all men are rapists”, it assumes that all men have to be educated.
  • There seems to be nothing in the posters or on the web site about the possibility of false rape allegations made by women, or the subject of male rape: what is your stance on these?

I look forward to hearing from someone regarding these issues.

This email was sent on the 28th December last year to three people in Lambeth Council: the web team behind the site, the generic council email address, and a female journalist. I’ve had an email receipt, but until this day I haven’t had a response.

See for yourself just how misandric and accusatory the campaign is by taking a look at the site.

Five Reasons Why Being Repulsive To Women is a GOOD Thing

Unlike most other articles of this kind on the Net, this one is written by someone who actually is, whether being fed excuses and assurances from other people or not.

I’m not bigging up being repulsive to women, or being a perpetual celibate, as something anyone should aspire to be. However, there are plenty of guys in my situation browsing the web right now, and if I have a screw intact I’m thinking they don’t want to read yet another article by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

1. You have more time – and energy – for yourself.

If you’ve watched shows such as The Pickup Artist, or anything involving guys trying to be or are already successful with women, you’ll often find that most of their time is taken up doing things to impress women: things such as posing at – I mean, going to – the gym, hanging around expensive stores and making a point to be seen at hotspots.

But even if you don’t go by television or the movies: look at just how much effort some people put into attracting women. At the most basic, men are spending a couple of hours a night getting ready, giving themselves pep talks and trying to project “confidence” and “think positively”, before going out to see what they can get. And usually, if they’re not already successful, they’ll spend all night helplessly watching other men get lucky.

That time and energy can be far better spent engaging in activities that deep down you really like to do. A night out at a club where hardly anyone notices you, or an hour with some indifferent prostitute, could be replaced with something like a nice meal at a restaurant, some materials for arts and crafts, or a day trip somewhere if you like to travel – anything that guarantees you’ll get something out of your financial and chronological investment. And the ironic thing is you’ll often end up saving money.
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Misandry: Distinguishing Lied To Men From “White Knights”/”Manginas”/”Pussy Beggars”

I still watch videos on misandry and the Men’s Rights Movement from time to time on YouTube, because I’m always learning something new. (A huge shout out to manwomanmyth, whose videos are incredibly informative and down-to-earth.)

One thing I’ve noticed with watching these videos, is that the most widely known video producers fall into two categories:

  • those who see feminism as the main problem, and primarily criticise women;
  • those who see male “enablers” as the main problem, and criticise these men.

Today’s post on DREWspective is about the latter: men who – willingly or unwittingly – allow feminism to continue.
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