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Crowdfunding: Things I Wish I’d Been Told Before Bothering to Try

I’m currently running a crowdfunding project for another site of mine.

It’s actually my second attempt at crowdfunding for the same web site. The first one was to get the site launched with the best start possible, and while it garnered a lot of support it only managed to reach half of the target amount. I was able to launch the site anyway, and it’s done very well in the six months it’s been up.

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End of an Era at DeviantArt

I’ve finally gotten around to it, but after six/seven years of membership I’ve finally deleted my DeviantArt account.

Unlike some other sites (such as OkCupid, and many sites that can only be described as worthless), I wasn’t dumped back on the front page with no goodbye message. (That kind of treatment is purely rude.) Instead, I got the above prompt, which was appreciated on my end.

But it doesn’t make up for my reasons for leaving, which were long-felt sentiments about the site and the way it was run.
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The Valentine’s Day Lecturing

It’s almost that time of year again.

In case you’ve been in hiding, wearing a tin foil hat or something, we’re approaching Valentine’s Day (which I call V-Day). Just about everywhere you can imagine is advertising the fact: they all have big posters – reminding us that it’s on the 14th, because we’re all stupid – and they all have ideas about what people should get women for the big day.
V-Day is about women, okay? First of all, that “heart” shape that people like to use doesn’t represent love at all, but the shape of a woman’s private parts. (I inherently knew that there was something wrong with the simplification of “love” by using such a simple symbol, but my stance was proven when looking at a recent poster about female cancer.) Second of all, most if not all of the promotions were geared towards gifts for women; everything from chocolates and champagne to expensive jewellery and vacations.

V-Day is basically a day where happy couples (and not-so-happy couples) get to show off to each other. Every year women are hoping to outdo each other by way of their partners, so they’ll have something to brag about the next day. Men who have a significant other to please reach into their wallets, hoping that the gift they pick out will keep them in the relationship for that little bit longer.

But most significantly – and something we overlook – V-Day is the one day where people hold the fact they’re in a relationship over other people’s heads.
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