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The Heavy Subject of Suicide

First of all, a belated Happy New Year to anyone interested enough to be reading this post. I’ve been on my YouTube/web development thing for the last few months, and haven’t had much motivation to post on DREWspective.

Speaking of YouTube: a while ago I made a video on the subject of suicide, in response to what I felt were ignorant comments made by Tommy Sotomayor in one of his videos, regarding a [American] footballer player who committed a suicide murder.
Normally I would leave it at distancing myself from him and not watching his videos, but I had to address the seemingly popular opinions about suicidal people that mirrored his comments.

I’ve since watched a couple of other excellent videos addressing this issue, and felt it necessary to spread the word about them because they deserve a heck of a lot more views.

This one’s from natasha78d, who breaks the subject down nicely:

And proteanview put this short and sweet one out:

It is and always has been the opinion of DREWspective that suicidal thoughts are a symptom of overwhelming pain: that the expression of suicidal thoughts or wanting to die are a cry for help, and should be taken very seriously. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a selfish piece of shit.

If you are feeling suicidal, or know anyone who is, is a site I’d highly recommend.

The Valentine’s Day Lecturing – an addendum

I left out a couple of important points in last night’s post, The Valentine’s Day Lecturing.

The first point: when someone starts giving unwarranted relationship tips, or advice on how to attract women (or men), it’s purely out of self-indulgence – although they’ll justify themselves by saying

I’m only trying to help

They’re actually only interested in making themselves feel superior to someone else (in this case, single people) and making themselves feel better, especially if it means making someone else feel inferior and worse. Bear in mind that they don’t care whether that person is happy or content with being single, or if they’re completely frustrated about being lied to all the time by women – the sole purpose of the self-indulgent lecture is to make this person feel inadequate. I’d even go as far as saying that such lectures are premeditated.

If you’re not convinced that anyone who gives these lectures is being self-indulgent instead of helpful, look at what happens if you call them on their bullshit. All of a sudden they’re the ones who get angry, they’re the ones who start cursing and screaming, and they’re the ones who threaten to abandon you if you don’t instantly change – which, mark my words, they’ve already decided to do anyway. (As I’ve said, they decided to abandon you when they chose to indulge themselves in the self-indulgent lecture.)

And let’s not forget: a minute ago you were “a nice enough person”, and there was supposedly nothing wrong with you. Oh yes, and they were “only trying to help“.

The second point: you might not realise this, but the other reason why people give these self-indulgent lectures is because of projection – these people themselves feel they “need” to be in a relationship, and that there’s something inherently wrong with being single.
They have a hard time imagining life as a single person, mostly because of peer pressure or social conditioning to find “The One”. It could also be said that these people are far more concerned with what other people think of them, than what they think of themselves.

Personally, although society has turned single life into some kind of solitary confinement punishment (where other people are told to stay away from single people), I don’t see anything wrong with being single, especially if it’s out of choice. But people consciously choose whom they get involved with – so singledom is increasingly more about others’ choices in favour of or against certain kinds of people, especially when they’re complaining about ending up with “jerks”.

That’s all I really have to say about that.

The Most Passive-Aggressive Manuscript Rejection Email I’ve Ever Received


Thank you for letting me read your work.

SYLA receives a large number of submissions each month and, therefore, it is impossible to provide detailed feedback on every script. The reasons for rejecting submissions tend to be subjective and do not preclude a writer pursuing a writing career by seeking another literary agent’s response.

I hope you are able to find an agent soon.



Without adding any unnecessary herbs and spices to this post, I had to read this email – which came this morning, after the manuscript was submitted last Thursday – two or three times to understand it was a rejection letter.

Misandry: Distinguishing Lied To Men From “White Knights”/”Manginas”/”Pussy Beggars”

I still watch videos on misandry and the Men’s Rights Movement from time to time on YouTube, because I’m always learning something new. (A huge shout out to manwomanmyth, whose videos are incredibly informative and down-to-earth.)

One thing I’ve noticed with watching these videos, is that the most widely known video producers fall into two categories:

  • those who see feminism as the main problem, and primarily criticise women;
  • those who see male “enablers” as the main problem, and criticise these men.

Today’s post on DREWspective is about the latter: men who – willingly or unwittingly – allow feminism to continue.
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