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House Then Garage Mix

House Then Garage Mix by Drew on Mixcloud

I remember the first time I accidentally stumbled upon UK garage music while tuning the radio. Back then I heard it being referred to as house and garage, and while I was made to feel like an outsider when it came to the raves and nightlife, it was the first genre of music I could really identify with.

Anyway, this is an experimental mix I did – which hasn’t been done anywhere else before, as far as I know – where I alternated house tracks with garage tracks. I thought it turned out very well, considering that the tracks were chosen on the fly.
The tricky part of this mix was having a very rusty recollection of garage; the last year has been spent listening to house, and garage had taken a back seat for a very long time.


30 Minute Mindful House Mix

30 Minute Mindful House Mix by Drew on Mixcloud


This is one of the mixes I’ve posted on my Mixcloud account, as a way of passing the time and expressing my appreciation of house music. (In the year since my last post on DREWspective, I’ve found myself becoming enamoured with house music.)

Please note that I’m not a professional – or even a good – DJ, but hopefully you’ll appreciate this mix.