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Silent Treatment Out Of Respect..?

This year has turned out to be one of my must occupied ever (I don’t like to use the word “busy”): if it’s not the day job then it’s working on some personal project I promised myself I’d complete. Just recently I started another web related project, and it’s that time of the year where I’m doing last-minute preparations for not just one but two LEGO events.

During some down time I had a moment to think…

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The Five Stages of a Female Disappearing Act

resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-oh-so-you-want-to-just-be-friends-tell-me-more-about-how-we-will-never-speak-again-d9a7a9Ever since I became interested in social interactions between men and women – but by no means am I positioning myself as an “expert” or “guru” – I looked back on all those failed attempts at “friendship” with females. You know: when they tell the guy that he’s so nice, but she just wants to be friends… while having a train ran on her by the local and surrounding counties’ football teams.

There were some definite patterns in each of their behaviour, and this is what this post is about. Feel free to agree or disagree with the list, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this on the Internet, because nobody else has talked about it. Continue reading The Five Stages of a Female Disappearing Act

Red Flags and Deal Breakers 2015

Though I’m no longer playing “the game” and killing myself for the sake of “attracting” (being chosen by) some female, I decided to revise my list of “red flags”, mentioned in one of my old YouTube videos.

But as I was making the list, I decided to go deeper. Were the things I was listing really red flags, or were they deal breakers?
My definition of a red flag is a warning sign: something a female does or says to indicate she may be hazardous to my well-being. A deal breaker would simply be something I wouldn’t accept.

Let’s begin with my original list of “red flags” from the video (no longer on YouTube).

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Why I’ve Turned My Back On MGTOW (and really went my own way).

Some of you know I used to make YouTube videos, mainly talking about my experiences with females, things I often thought about and tried to find answers to, and wondering what we (as men) could do to turn things around, in the face of a feminised culture.

It began after I stumbled upon a response to a Steve Wilkos show. At the time the whole MRA/MGTOW (Men’s Rights Activism/Men Going Their Own Way) thing was a breath of fresh air: it was the first time in a very long time that I felt like someone else could relate to things I’d gone through. Even more amazing was that there was some kind of underground movement on YouTube and elsewhere.

I got involved on the MGTOW side, partly as a way to vent my frustrations with females and our feminised culture, but mostly to offer my perspective as a social reject and involuntary celibate (“incel”). Admittedly, part of me wanted to become one of these YouTube celebrities as a result, but everything I did was with the idea that something would eventually happen: that a bunch of us men would get together and make changes, whether it was going after a particular misandric law or construct, or something as basic as starting a men’s social group.
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