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Truth Or Silent Treatment?

I just thought I ought to clear a particular viewpoint up while I still can, owing to my recent increased activity (and I suppose “success”, given that I’ve been receiving messages) on OkCupid. I also came to the realisation that I have to do a better job of getting my points across and arguing my cases. I’ve been listening to Tom Leykis clips on Youtube, as part of my recent engrossment in MRA, and realised that it’s almost irrelevant what your stance is, as long as you can back yourself up.
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The Princess Mentality

I’m going to talk about what I call the “princess” mentality: one of the biggest problems society faces, along with my other personal bugbear, the “high school” mentality. You know, they actually go hand in hand – in a “high school” environment you’ll often come across at least one “prom queen”. I know I have.

The princess mentality is basically the idea that someone is entitled to whatever they want, without putting in any work or effort whatsoever to get it. They expect people to wait hand and foot on them, handing over whatever they ask for on command. But when it comes to something that requires effort, benefits someone else, or means stepping outside of their comfort zone, they don’t want to know.
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Being Fat, and Getting Laid

A while ago I was asking myself a lot of questions about the kind of woman I’d end up with, if ever. Actually, the idea of going out with anybody has taken a back seat in recent times; even though I’ve [unsuccessfully] been to a speed dating event a couple of weeks ago, my mind has purely been on work and finances as of late. More on those questions later.

I don’t exactly remember how I got there, but a search on Google brought up this rather intriguing article, answering someone who asked whether they had any tips for fat guys to get laid.
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Top 5 Most Bulls**t Rejection Lines

These days, the most common form of rejection is through silent treatment. It’s a lot easier for someone to just “disappear” than actually face people they aren’t interested in.
I say, good for these people – at least they’re being honest about the kind of people they are (read: cowards). But although I have voiced my opinions about people who use silent treatment, I’ve found that I’d much rather have this form of rejection, over the dark alternative: canned lines.

Canned lines are those trite statements people make when rejecting someone, in the name of “not trying to hurt their feelings” – but really they’re only interested in making an exit, no matter how dirty that exit is made. These people are also implying that there is something wrong with the person receiving them.

The thing about canned lines, if you hear them often enough, is that they’re recited word for word. The first time you hear them you might be okay with it, but after the tenth time you start to wonder what’s really going on. By the hundredth time you’ll suspect that someone’s lying.

So without further ado, Drew presents his top five most bullshit rejection lines – all of which have been fed to him at some point, and on numerous occasions.
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