State Of Affairs, June 2015

It’s been a long time since my last weblog post on DREWspective. Life has gotten much busier, and there’s been plenty to distract me from my life’s purpose (as I’ve defined it), but thankfully I’m still going and still in reasonable health.

I wish I could say that things have improved dramatically, and that all those people who disrespected me when I was younger are now starting to grovel and pretend they had my back all along. It would also be nice if all those females – racist or otherwise – turned around and started to notice me, even though I’d turn them all away in a second. I turn 33 in a week’s time, and none of that has happened yet, but it’s okay.

One thing I came to terms with is that my life, like anybody else’s, isn’t going to turn out the way it does for other people. There are a lot of things I’ve gone through that most of you have no clue about, and vice versa. As someone who is considered abnormal, I can’t expect the same outcomes and results as “normal” people.

As I had been occupied with other things, I had considered shutting DREWspective down, and putting an end to my weblogging days. I came very close to doing so!
The one reason I haven’t is because of the popularity of one of my posts, entitled Some People Don’t Want You To Succeed. I had no idea how popular (compared to my other posts) that one was going to be, and the amazing thing is that the post was mostly off the top.

That post taught me that, even though I’m not a world-famous blogger, and that very few people want to hear what I have to say, it’s important that I say something. A lot of people would rather have me stay silent and “keep myself quiet”, and it’s because they’re happy with what’s going on in the world right now. I’m not happy about what’s going on in the world right now.

With regard to my previous posts about feminism and men’s (my) issues…

I don’t hate women. I hate a lot of the crap they choose to do, get away with and co-sign, particularly against men.
With that said, right now I am mostly disillusioned with women. For all the talk about women being so much better than men in various areas, the majority of females I’ve seen out and about bring absolutely nothing to the table. The majority of females choose to be – and are happy with being – mediocre.

I also have an equal disdain for feminised men, be they “manginas”, “white knights”, “SIMPs”, “pussy beggars” or whatever you want to call them. The majority of men not only value sex more than anything else – and it has nothing to do with reproduction – but now they actually sound like women. It makes me sick.

I say those things because I’m no longer making YouTube videos on the subject: in fact, I stopped making them a while ago, although many of my better videos are still up. Instead, I’m going to be focusing on the kind of posts that may save people’s sanity.
If you’re tired of those other webloggers whoring themselves for attention and search engines, with their unfunny writing style you’ve seen a billion times before, stay tuned to DREWspective. You might like what’s coming up.

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