Crowdfunding: Things I Wish I’d Been Told Before Bothering to Try

I’m currently running a crowdfunding project for another site of mine.

It’s actually my second attempt at crowdfunding for the same web site. The first one was to get the site launched with the best start possible, and while it garnered a lot of support it only managed to reach half of the target amount. I was able to launch the site anyway, and it’s done very well in the six months it’s been up.

My second attempt, which started almost a month ago, was for hiring a web designer to give the site a makeover, with the intention of attracting more people to the site. Even though the target was halved, and the duration made one and a half times longer, the support I once had became non-existent. In fact, I’ve had great difficulty getting anyone to talk to me at all – I’ve literally been given silent treatment by just about everybody.

To rub salt in my wounds: many other related crowdfunding projects have come and gone since my first attempt, and many of them have exceeded their targets with the help of those same people, who shouted about them from the rooftops and (proverbially) celebrated with champagne when they succeeded.

This post is about a few things I learned about crowdfunding the hard way, as a “nobody”, and things I didn’t learn until it was too late.

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  1. Stela says:


    No one is a “no-body”!!! Women definitely do not have it easy. LOL

    Although I am sure that there is much sad truth in what you write, the future is not written, and complex possibilities exist for its unraveling. “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come”.

    Perhaps you suffer from the discomfort of living life on the upper end of the bell curve? It’s a hard life, but someone’s gotta do it. 😉


    1. VenomFroggy says:

      “No one is a nobody…..”

      Yeah, it’s easy to say, “nobody’s unpopular” when it’s so easy to command popularity to come to you like a dog.

      Like those girls who go online and post up pretty pictures and sexy photos of themselves and have everybody fallin’ over themselves in their desperate bid for tiny little scraps of her divine attention.

      “It’s just so easy, what could possibly be so difficult about this ^_^ “

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