Why Do Women Still Choose To Run Away?

I got back from my first day of on-site work this year, and almost immediately started thinking about getting back into doing social activities. It wasn’t enough that I did Paint Jam last week, and came away with two very good paintings – I remember my short run of social activities that I did as part of my 2011 resolution, and I still ask myself why I’d stopped.
These social activities would include finding me some female company, even though I’d stated that I don’t need women and that they’re generally not worth fighting over. I got to thinking about how to go about it, and the usual answers of watching what I eat, possibly returning to the gym and taking better care of my body came up. After all, women do not like works in progress (nobody does), and they tend not to stick around to see a man improve.

The question then hit me: why is it, in the western world at least (where they clearly have the upper hand, from work opportunities to murder), that most women still choose to run away from uncomfortable situations, rather than face them like the “strong, independent women” they claim to be? Specifically, that awkward moment when someone they don’t find attractive lets them know how they feel?

(By running away, I’m including every kind of evasive action – whether it’s physically running away, dodging the issue, making excuses, hiding behind other people, resorting to silent treatment or anything else – everything except telling the guy directly,

I just don’t feel the same way about you,

which I acknowledge would be painful to hear, but it’s the truth.)

I’m going to throw that question out to all the women reading this post, in the vain hope that one of them actually gives a relevant answer. I should point out that I’m asking this question for the same reason I ask any question: for information. I actually want to know the answer, and I’m not ready to pounce on anyone with some premeditated comment or smart-ass remark. My ears are wide open.

I certainly know what kind of answers to expect: the usual, completely unrelated and anonymous comments about me being inadequate, not being able to get laid, or blaming everybody except myself – most likely from manginas. I know, because that’s what usually happens when a guy asks a question like this, whether online or offline… and it’s happened plenty of times to me.

Let’s see what kind of reaction I’ll get.

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  1. Ambiguous User says:

    I totally and wholeheartedly agree with you. Western (USA American) women seem to ALWAYS run away, be it literally or figuratively.

    My guesses are (currently):

    Pity/sympathy trying to “spare your feelings”, trying to “be the better man (woman)” by walking away;

    Preventing their animal/carnal instincts from taking over and them beating the tar out of you or verbally tearing you to shreds;

    Complete and abject irrational fear/terror;


    Confusion/ignorance/obliviousness and because of that knowing absolutely nothing about what next to do: so they run;

    The notion that if you “run away” you “win” the argument (when in fact you lose and everybody loses, because you’re (the woman) just stewing in your own anger, and becoming more sequestered in your own emotions to “make you think you’re right” rather than rationally dissecting your emotional state of mind and wordings/mental twistings.

    And finally, the “I’ve had enough” response, and the only recourse is to leave, because the other person is being irrational, or the first person is becoming emotional and knows that they can’t possibly contribute rationally to the conversation anymore (truly in this case, at least ONE or both parties are behaving wrongly– but I find this one to be the most common, and potentially added onto by the previous cases simultaneously).

    Thanks for listening; I love that more people are coming out about this, after how long? It’s been like 20 years since the Internet’s been around, and finally women are getting their ‘argumentative failure’ picked on in the USA. Or … we’ve been censored by anti-male anti-men anti-Christ spirits who control ALL the “moderation” (censorship: “sexist”) powers of the Internet? Who’s to know: keep watching this and other posts, LOL.

    Ambiguous User

    P.S.: I was actively avoiding this, because I think it’s generally either not true, or overridable by upbringing: alternate biological explanations is that they are the gatherer of the hunter/gatherer group, and gatherers Run Away, or they get eaten.

    1. Drew says:

      Thank you for your response! You’ve made some very good points, particularly the “I’ve had enough” scenario: it’s a good reminder that running away is sometimes a last resort, and may even be necessary.
      I generally think that, although there are certainly issues with upbringing – and let’s not discount the idea that some people don’t know how to handle certain issues, because they were never taught how to – the decision to run away from situations is more to do with personal choice – especially if we consider how they run away.

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