The Most Passive-Aggressive Manuscript Rejection Email I’ve Ever Received


Thank you for letting me read your work.

SYLA receives a large number of submissions each month and, therefore, it is impossible to provide detailed feedback on every script. The reasons for rejecting submissions tend to be subjective and do not preclude a writer pursuing a writing career by seeking another literary agent’s response.

I hope you are able to find an agent soon.



Without adding any unnecessary herbs and spices to this post, I had to read this email – which came this morning, after the manuscript was submitted last Thursday – two or three times to understand it was a rejection letter.

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  1. alan says:

    She clearly hasn’t read it (if at all) and just sent a bog standard response.

  2. joanna says:

    Sorry Drew ! Damn… – it makes one wonder why “Susan” even bothered to click ‘send’?! xx – Very cowardly, ….and I totally agree with your friend Alan’s post, above. Hope you’re dealt with in a much more proper, direct and professional manner by the next agent – and are given the attentive and constructive feedback which you surely deserve at the very least, as a writer; whatever the individual outcome may be with agents… I hope and keep the faith you’ll ultimately get an offer of publication sooner or later though, with or without an agent, before too much longer!!! xx Joanna xxx

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