Five Reasons Why Being Repulsive To Women is a GOOD Thing

Unlike most other articles of this kind on the Net, this one is written by someone who actually is, whether being fed excuses and assurances from other people or not.

I’m not bigging up being repulsive to women, or being a perpetual celibate, as something anyone should aspire to be. However, there are plenty of guys in my situation browsing the web right now, and if I have a screw intact I’m thinking they don’t want to read yet another article by someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

1. You have more time – and energy – for yourself.

If you’ve watched shows such as The Pickup Artist, or anything involving guys trying to be or are already successful with women, you’ll often find that most of their time is taken up doing things to impress women: things such as posing at – I mean, going to – the gym, hanging around expensive stores and making a point to be seen at hotspots.

But even if you don’t go by television or the movies: look at just how much effort some people put into attracting women. At the most basic, men are spending a couple of hours a night getting ready, giving themselves pep talks and trying to project “confidence” and “think positively”, before going out to see what they can get. And usually, if they’re not already successful, they’ll spend all night helplessly watching other men get lucky.

That time and energy can be far better spent engaging in activities that deep down you really like to do. A night out at a club where hardly anyone notices you, or an hour with some indifferent prostitute, could be replaced with something like a nice meal at a restaurant, some materials for arts and crafts, or a day trip somewhere if you like to travel – anything that guarantees you’ll get something out of your financial and chronological investment. And the ironic thing is you’ll often end up saving money.

2. You are not the father.

One thing not to be sniffed at too hard is the risk of being the father of some skank’s – I mean, woman’s – planned or unplanned baby. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of men being trapped into fatherhood by deceitful women, but I can always be sure there are men who’ve heard even more. You don’t even have to inseminate a woman; women have been known to poke holes in condoms, and – believe it or not – will inseminate themselves if a used condom is left in their possession.

Unless you ever get the opportunity to sleep with a woman for whatever reason, you can be pretty certain you’re not going to end up having to take a DNA test. Better yet, it’s one less reason why you’d possibly end up on Maury/Jeremy Kyle/the Steve Wilkos show.

3. You have more money for important things.

Many many years ago, when I’d tried to pick up a girl at a summer school, I’d made an off-the-cuff suggestion that having a girlfriend would be expensive. To my disappointment the girl concurred; she bragged about how she got her boyfriend at the time to buy her “everything”.

It’s almost a proverb that most women see men as walking cash machines, even if they’re not going out or sleeping with them. It usually starts with a small “favour” with the premise of intimacy or sex, and then a slightly larger “favour”, and more favours that get larger and larger, until the woman assumes you’ll pay for everything without getting anything in return.

All that money spent wining and dining these people, as mentioned before, could be used to further your hobbies or interests, be put towards further education, used as an investment, or anything else productive you can think of. At the same time, you’re not forced to choose between spending the money on something really important, or keeping some girl happy for thirty seconds (the equivalent length of a female “forever” – I used to think it was ten minutes).

4. You see women for whom they really are.

Women are extremely good at selling other people on an idea that they’re someone completely different to whom they really are. They’re known to adapt themselves to a man’s tastes, so they look and sound like the perfect woman for that man – but quickly revert to their usual selves when they’ve sealed the deal. For example, the supposed nymphomaniac who suddenly stops enjoying sex after beginning a committed relationship. It’s usually men who are successful with women who are vulnerable to the “sale”.

Men whom women find repulsive near instantly see their true character, because they’re not constantly being sold an image. Even though women will turn on the charm if they want something out of them (more “favours”), the repulsive man knows full well that it’s not whom she really is, because the two sides frequently reveal themselves. If they want to be absolutely sure there are two sides, they can refuse the woman’s advances – and watch her turn into a screaming, self-entitled little brat.

5. You have freedom.

Freedom from being concerned about some woman’s issues and problems. Freedom from relationship-related problems, such as parenting and commitment to someone who may or may not be committed.But most importantly, freedom from hurt. Although rejection is no laughing matter, the hurt that can come from being involved with women is far worse.

Most women will try to create an investment for a man they find repulsive, by finding some way to “get” him to listen to her problems – especially those involving other men. What’s happening is that, by investing his time by listening, the man is being primed for doing “favours” for the woman, because he’s thinking he’s going to get something in return. (Never so.) But if a man knows this woman finds him repulsive anyway, he’s within his rights to send her in the direction of her ex, or whomever she’ll end up in bed with.

Among other things, you’ll also have freedom to look at and interact with other women. Women seem to be very big on loyalty among women, and from what I’ve seen they’re very particular about the women their significant other interacts with, or even looks at.

Most importantly, you’ll have the freedom to do exactly what it is you want. How many women do you know who’ve insisted a man stop doing something as soon as they get involved? Just like with these “favours”, these things women want the man to stop doing start small and get progressively bigger – until the man finds he just can’t do anything right. Many men have been demotivated, become depressed, and have had their dreams destroyed by such people.

Sometimes women are like big business: not getting involved with them means not being tied to a one-sided, restrictive contract, with or without your knowledge. So it’s not always a bad thing if they don’t like you.

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  1. Edith Undo says:

    UckI totally agree with everything you have written in regards to women, except that I feel that way in regards to men.
    I am a woman and I have chosen to completely remove myself
    from today’s inept dating/fornicating culture simply because I LOVE my freedom. Why should I waste my time dating insufferable dimwits when all they want to do is linger around and “connect”.
    I would rather die alone than date types similar to the ones I have dated, because they truly take up my time and oxygen. Despite the fact that your article seems to bash on women, I can totally see myself expressing similar thoughts about men. That is why I finally chose to stop having sex. Hey, considering how dumb and sexist the world is, I embrace my role as the prude woman of the societal double standard side of the coin. I’d pick being a stuck up bitch any time over being a pathetic one night conquest (with STDs).

  2. D says:

    Wow. Bummer dude. That’s one of the sadest things I’ve ever read. Do a lot people feel this way about each other? Either way, I hope you find happiness man. Life’s not all bad.

  3. Marchello James Bollatti says:

    Amen to that is are my hero!!

  4. Yuzuru says:

    It’s also easier for women to cheat on a guy than a guy to a girl think of it this way if a girl goes up to a guy and says lets fuck 99.9 % wouldn’t even think they would say yes on the spot now if it’s a guy to a girl more than likely you would end up getting smacked and also a lot of women do cheat on the guy more now in days

  5. Bill says:

    You are 100% correct. If you are not an Alpha male, a “bad boy” or swimming in cash you are wasting your time. Your advice to the decent guys out there is perfect. Don’t ask these girls out (only to get rejected); don’t be their “friend” and don’t do little favors for them. Keep spreading the word. You are my hero.


  6. Bill says:

    As a follow-up to my previous comment please consider the following:

    When I woman tells me “I’ll never date you but I want you as my friend.”. She is really saying “You are irrelevant in my life.” Well, that works both ways. If I am irrelevant to her, she is equally irrelevant to me. When she says, let’s be friends., don’t hang around expecting her to change her mind. Unless you win the $100 million powerball, it’s not going to happen. You just got your walking papers.

    By the way, don’t feel bad if you don’t have a girlfriend. Girlfriends are as temporary as today’s newspaper and will drop you in a heartbeat as soon as a “better” guy comes along. Once she decides you are “too nice” or “boring” or “lack confidence” you are history. Easy come, easy go.

    1. Shobana says:

      It saddens me to see that you think when a girl she wants to be your friend and not fuck you makes you irrelevant. I lost a very dear friend 3 years ago. I still miss him. So much so that I wish I were a guy so I could be friends with him without having to sleep with him. We don’t talk to each other anymore, but he was an integral part in my life and not having my bestie is hurtful more than I can express.

      As for the article, I really hope the writer gets to meet girls who are independent and would respect your individuality too. I do fear the article comes from a very narrow minded perspective and does not capture the entire population of both genders.

      1. Bill says:

        I think the author has accurately captured his experiences and those of millions of other men. Sometimes after numerous rejections the best thing a guy can do is give up on women. Why knock yourself when the opposite sex has zero interest. Then you can truly relax and not be self conscious.. You don’t have to think “Does she like me?” because you already know that the game is over and that she does NOT care about you.

    2. Steve says:

      Too true much more chance of winning the lottery and I don’t even do the lottery lol

  7. Bill says:

    It doesn’t take much for a guy to be unattractive to women. There are thousands of decent , hard working guys out there who cannot get a girlfriend. They have good jobs, own their own home and would be excellent husbands and fathers. They are the type of guy that every parent would want as a son-in -law. The problem is it never happens because their daughters don’t want them. Why ? These are the kind of guys who go on a date and the girl gives them a kiss on the cheek and says, “You will make some girl so happy one day.” Then she will tell her girlfriends that he’s a nice guy but doesn’t spark any “sexual tension”–you know , sexual tension is what the Alpha males and bad boys have. So Mr. Decent Guy stays without a girlfriend throughout his 20’s into his 30’s while the Alphas, Thugs and Bad Boys clean up. Mr. Decent Guy becomes disillusioned with women and drops out of dating. What happens to the women who rejected him? They ride the Alpha male carousel through their 20’s at the height of their attractiveness. They get booted off the carousel, unmarried around age 30 when they reach the cut off age. That’s when they panic and seek a provider–you know, decent nice guys that they rejected by the boatloads when they were younger. Only Mr. Decent Guy doesn’t want them. I have seen this time and time again. .

  8. Bill says:

    To you guys who can’t find a date or a girlfriend: Count your blessings. Women bitch and nag all the time. They ruin every day. On these sites they talk about what happens to a man in divorce court. Those who stay married don’t do much better. You have to give up your friends (unless a friend is extremely wealthy or influential); your wife will humiliate you in public by making nasty comments knowing that you won’t fight back; after a social event you will be told the 99 things you did wrong; you have to listen to dozens of nasty comments every day; you end up doing household chores all weekend and nothing will ever be right; your time with your family will be severely restricted; you rarely get to go where you like to go–you go where she likes to go. Or, if you go to a place you like (and she doesn’t) she may insist on going and then bitch and complain so much that you never want to go there again. Don’t date (because dating can lead to marriage); never co-habit; never have casual sex because you can end up in prison or end up paying child support. I would be careful with foreign women also. I suspect there are a lot of scams out there. Even if you are not scammed, you don’t know the woman you are marrying. Getting to know someone takes years.Also, you may end up bringing many of her family members over to the states. And there is no guarantee that she won’t turn into an American woman after being indoctrinated by Oprah, Dr. Phil and the ladies in the neighborhood. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like a loser for not having a woman. You are the winner. Don’t cave in to the shaming tactics either.

  9. dude says:


  10. Bill says:

    I wanted to add that women decide whether or not to date a man within 30 seconds. Women are ruthless in this regard. This determination is final and unless you win the $100 Million powerball they will not change their mind. Women make these statements that they want a nice guy, want to get to know us etc, That’s BS. There is an excellent blog called Blueprint for the Nice Guy. I saw one great point in it for decent guys. It said that men need to change their view of women as follows:

    FROM: What they want from a woman (love, affection etc)

    TO: What they expect from a woman–absolutely nothing. No love, no attention, no affection. The best you can expect from them is a degree of civility (as long as you don’t ask them for a date)
    As Robert DiNiro’s character said in the movie “Taxi Driver”, “Women are cold and distant. They’re like a union.”
    D Mizzy, you are my hero, keep up the good work

  11. J says:

    To thine own self be true. Women have a grocery list of what they want in a man, but men usually want one thing in a woman – maybe 1 or 2 more depending on ‘taste’.
    If you must submit to a woman’s charms, DO NOT submit to her demands.
    Not unlike a terrible two toddler, she is testing you.
    Whatever she says she does or doesn’t want you to do, she’s picking away at your defenses to determine if you are a puss-over.
    She is assuming the role of the child to evaluate your parental resolve.
    If you fail this basic lesson, she already has contempt for you but may consider you ‘handy’. The sex will be passionless, transaction-based, and boundary-laden per her terms. You will be labeled as a cheap, coin-operated appliance, a third-class citizen in your own life behind your not-yet-born offspring that will enjoy such status only by virtue of being half hers.
    It’s like sitting down at a poker table; if you can’t spot the sucker, the sucker is YOU.
    Alpha lays, beta pays.

  12. Bill says:

    Good post. I might add when you don’t care if women like you, you have won.

  13. Arlo Arthur Cordell says:

    I like turtles.

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