Drew Asks Lambeth Council: “Real Men”?

In response to posters strategically placed next to the escalators in Brixton and Stockwell tube stations, I decided to confront Lambeth council about their anti-rape campaign targeted specifically at young men. I found their content – both on the posters and their web site – to be highly misandric and accusatory of innocent men.

Here’s what I wrote in the email:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve noticed the “Real Mean Know The Difference” campaign posters up in Brixton tube station, and have visited the web site as a result. The campaign intrigued me because I had also seen these posters at around this time last year in Brixton tube station.

I have a couple of questions concerning the content of both the posters and web site:

  • Your campaign seems to be based around the concept of “real men”, but I am curious to know what exactly your definition is of a “real man”. Although there is a sentence on the site acknowledging that “not all men are rapists”, it assumes that all men have to be educated.
  • There seems to be nothing in the posters or on the web site about the possibility of false rape allegations made by women, or the subject of male rape: what is your stance on these?

I look forward to hearing from someone regarding these issues.

This email was sent on the 28th December last year to three people in Lambeth Council: the web team behind the site, the generic council email address, and a female journalist. I’ve had an email receipt, but until this day I haven’t had a response.

See for yourself just how misandric and accusatory the campaign is by taking a look at the site.

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