Clichés in Women’s Profiles – Part 3: Photos

In the third and final part of my miniseries on clichés in women’s profiles, I’m going to riff a little about the types of photos women use to advertise themselves – and as you’ll find, they’re just as copy-and-post as the slogans, platitudes and unattributed quotes that make up the textual content of their profiles and ads.

But before I begin: another way women use clichés in profiles is in their choice of usernames or handles. I don’t have the time or desire to go through all of them, but one trend I’ve noticed recently is women suffixing “icious” (as in “delicious”) to their first names or random words – so you have “beckylicious”, “jennylicious”, “predictablicious” etc. My guess is that Beyonce (the whitest black woman I’ve ever seen) has something to do with it.


To help with my explanations of the common and clichéd photo types (and to attract more women to this post), I’ve scoured OkCupid for the last few weeks to find these examples – which actually took longer than I’d expected. (If I’d used Plenty Of Flesh I’m sure it would have taken mere minutes to find these examples and more.) Unfortunately these are only a few of the examples I wanted to talk about.

I’m not going to add any commentary this time around: I want you to look at these examples and figure out what women who use these kinds of photos are trying to say – and what they’re actually saying – about themselves. Bear in mind that women demand photos from men, that sites encourage the uploading of photos (and claim you’ll get billions more responses if you do), and that women won’t talk to anybody they don’t find attractive.

And by the way: if you’re one of the girls in these photos, or you’re otherwise offended by this post or this miniseries, I’m hoping that – instead of throwing a tantrum – it will make you think about what you’re doing.

Exposed breasts

The “MySpace” shot

Group shots

Looking away from the camera

Taking a photo in the mirror

The “finger near mouth” shot

Extreme close-ups

In ending this miniseries, I put the following question to anyone who wants to complain, be “offended” or otherwise has a problem with me posting these articles: what are you going to do?

My money is on absolutely nothing.

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    LOL. Love it!

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