Fishing For A Friend

Time for some web site promotion. But unlike wannabe Perez Hiltons and self-important webloggers, I wouldn’t promote a web site (being paid or not) unless I thought it was any good.

The site is one I’ve used on and off for quite a while, called Fishing For A Friend. It’s exactly as it suggests: a web site where you can potentially make friends with people, based on hobbies and interest (and perhaps location). As far as I know it’s designed for people in the UK, but I would imagine there are people from other parts of the world.

The major difference between Fishing For A Friend and other web sites of this nature is the lack of heavy emphasis on photos, which puts the emphasis back on what a person is actually about. There’s no “profiles with pics get 3444532434 times more responses”, just raw information. It’s a blow to people who make friends based on looks, but who wants to be friends with those people anyway.

I’m promoting this web site because I had the opportunity to meet with the site’s founder, as well as a few other members in and around London, and they seem like a good bunch. I also like the direction of the web site and what it’s about, and wanted to help however I could to promote it.

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